Saturday, February 7, 2009

Carribean Cove

Since last Friday was Justin's birthday, we decided to take him to Carribean Cove Indoor Water Park. It's at the Holiday Inn down in Indy and it was so much fun!! Justin had a blast! He's still not a big fan of water in his face, but I think the more we get him in the water, the better it will be.

He LOVED jumping off the side of the pool and having Daddy catch him!!

And when things got too cold in the regular pool, Justin asked to go to the "warm pool!"

Of course we had to play in the arcade!!

There was a putting green in the area with the hotel's regular pool. Our room was in the balcony just above this and you could access it right through the sliding glass door in our room. Too cool!

We started off the day by going to Olive Garden. Dave told the waiter it was Justin's birthday and asked if they could have a few people come sing to didn't happen...the service was terrible! But NEVER fear....Daddy went to the restaurant in the hotel and they hooked Justin up with a cookie sundae! YUM!

Overall, it was a great time! Justin was still too small for the slides, but hopefully next time we go back he'll be big enough. I tried going down one of them and it was a lot of fun!!
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