Sunday, March 15, 2009

Margaritas are bad!! But oh so good!! :)

Ok, so I went out last night to Puerto Vallarta for Amanda's unconventional bachelorette party. Fun times! Not so fun when I got on the scale this morning! Who knew that one measly little strawberry margarita would make you gain 2 pounds?!? I'm sure the chicken sammich I had for lunch and the taco salad and chips I had for dinner didn't exactly help either! :o Oh well, Amanda is worth it! :) I worked out extra hard to make up for it today!

Not too much new here...we're kinda boring! Justin is getting better with the potty training...thank goodness! I'm finally starting to believe those that promise me that he won't go to kindergarten in a pull-up! :)

Here are a couple scappy things I've done lately. Nothing too impressive, but they're done, right?!?

This LO was a progressive challenge from my message board. We got the "rules" a little at a time and then had to put our LO together. Fun stuff!

This is a sketch from pagemaps. This is a Creative Scrappers sketch....#35 to be exact! This was my own creation...can ya tell?? No wonder why I always use sketches! :)
Here's a sketch from 52 Sketches...52Weeks. I love this blog!

1 comment:

Deann said...

Love the LOs!

And PT'ing will get better! Brady is FINALLY trained and I thought it would NEVER happen! Hang in there!

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