Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here comes a picture overload!!

Ok, so since I was such a bad blogger and didn't post in forever, here come all the pics at once! Justin refused to sit on Santa's lap at the mall, but Daddy convinced him to get close enough for a picture at the Luminary Festival. Notice the lovely lines in the picture?!? Nice huh? Mommy and Daddy Santa better take notice...your favorite oldest daughter NEEDS that new camera! ;) Love you!!

Here are the boxes I altered for my Grandma's for Christmas. I think they turned out really cute. Thanks for the pink flowers, Mandie!! I filled them with coffee, tea, hot chocolate and chocolate covered cherries! YUM!

I also made frames that match the boxes. They turned out really cute too! And don't tell, but I did one of them upside down! Oops! I had to have Dave redrill the hole for the stick stand thingy before I wrapped it! :)

So that about sums up life lately. I'm still working on wrapping presents. I really need to run out to get more wrapping paper, but the roads are so crappy from the ice we got yesterday. I think it'll wait till at least tomorrow! ;)


Deann said...

LOVE all the pics!! Too cute with Justin and Santa!! Brady doesn't like Santa IRL very much either!

Love the boxes and frames you made! Awesome gift ideas! They'll love them!

Mandie said...

Those pics are too funny! Love the altered boxes!

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