Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How stinkin cute is he?!?

Ok, so I've been waiting FOREVER for this robe to fit Justin. When my German exchange student from high school came to visit 2 years ago, this was her gift for him. It's got a cute giraffe and his name embroidered on it. It's still kinda big, but he likes it cause "it keeps me warm, Mommy!"

Whelp, summer is OFFICIALLY over! It snowed for the first time this year. I tried to take Justin outside to catch snowflakes on his tongue, but he wouldn't do it...the lil' booger!! This morning when we woke up, it was actually cold enough that the snow we got overnight stuck! Not much, but the deck definitely had snow on it when I went to let the dogs out!! I thought it was kinda cool, but Dave, not so much! The fire department got called out to two accidents in the middle of the night. HELLO PEOPLE!!! You live in Indiana!! Snow is NOT a new thing! They weren't bad accidents, in fact, I think the FD got disregarded, but sheesh!!

Oh yeah, and I'm a bad blogger! Deann passed on the fantastic bloggy award last week, and I snagged it, but completely forgot to pass it on! Jenny B, come snag the fun "award" for your blog!!

Justin is getting restless so I guess I better get back to playing mom. We need to run to the store to get Dave a CD, but I just wanna stay inside with a hot cup of coffee...maybe Starbucks will have to be on the way to Best Buy! :)


Deann said...

OMG...he looks so cute in his robe!! Yuck on snow already :(

Jenny B in Indy said...

SO CUTE!!!!! Love the orange!
I need to get Caleb a robe. Poor kid freezes when he gets out of the tub but won't let me keep the towel on him! (goober! LOL)

I saw the snow and Doug has been cracking me up.. You can tell he was raised in Houston! The past two days he's been driving my SUV because there was snow on the ground when he left for work.
Um, HELLO, it's not even a freakin' inch!! LMBO! too funny!

I will take your award.. I have no clue what to do with it but, thanks :) I'll pass it on. Does it go to just one person or can I give it to several of my friends?

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