Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who wudda thunk it??

I NEVER, in a million years, would have thougth that Ball State football would actually have a winning record! And for them to be 10-0?!? WOW! Makes me kinda proud to be an alum! I think I saw BSU win one game the whole time I was a student and, boy oh boy, what an experience that was! After the win the fans rushed the field, tore down the goal post, carried it down the street, and threw it in the Duck Pond! Crazy!! GO CARDS!!

So the latest on the fire from Saturday...arson...that's never any good. Makes it kind of scary to be a firefighter's wife when there is the possibility of an arsonist around. There have been 4 other fires in Muncie that have been ruled arson as well. Hopefully the state fire marshall has some leads and this craziness will be over soon, without any other injuries!!

On a happier note, Dave taught class tonight and I got to see a ladder bail for the first time! Not sure when a firefighter would have to use it, but it looks neat! And no one fell off the roof, so that's always a good sign. Maybe it's cause they have a good instructor. *wink wink* :)

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday! Stay warm! :)


Deann said...

OMG on the arson...what is wrong with people??? Hope Dave and all the other brave firefighters stay safe and they catch the criminal soon!!!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Yeah, my little brother has been quite happy with BSU this season, too.
Did they get a new coach or something?

Deann said...

Hey girl...I'm giving you a bloggy award :) Go to my site and snag's super cute!

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